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Clear, insightful book, publication, and text editing that engages and enlightens readers

Books Edited​                                             ​

Which Side of History?

How Technology Is

Reshaping Democracy and Our Lives

Ed. by James P. Steyer (Chronicle Prism)

Talking Back to Facebook

by James P. Steyer (Scribner)

The Life and Letters

of Kate Gleason

by Janice Gleason

(Rochester Institute of Technology Press)


The Co-Presidency of Bush and Cheney

by Shirley Anne Warshaw (Stanford University Press)


Off Mike

by Michael Krasny

(Stanford University Press)

The Other Parent

by James P. Steyer

(Simon & Schuster)


with the Best

by Claude Rosenberg


Grand Canyon:

The Great Abyss

by Page Stegner



Land of Fire and Ice

by Gretel Ehrlich



Valley of Thunder

by Ann Zwinger


Grand Teton:
Citadels of Stone

by Jeremy and Thomas Schmidt (HarperCollins)

Glacier and Waterton

by Paul Schullery


Canyons of Color

by Gary Paul Nabhan and Caroline Wilson


Jasper Ridge: A Stanford Sanctuary

(Stanford Alumni Association)

The Stanford Health & Exercise Book

(Stanford Alumni Association)

The Galana Experiment:

A Memoir of Elephant, Game, and Cattle Ranching in Kenya

by Martin Anderson (Stanford University Libraries)

Noe: A Father-Son Song of Love, Life, Illness and Death

by Phil Wolfson, MD (North Atlantic Books)

The Fifth Sister

by Laura Landgraf (Empower Press)







"Brilliant editorial assistance"



Publications Edited include                     

Stanford Magazine

Stanford University

Sandstone & Tile

Stanford Historical Society


Brown & Caldwell


McKesson Corp.

California Climate Change Project Policy Briefs

Woods Institute for the Environment
Stanford University

Building Public Health Systems to Improve Community Health

In California

Partnership for the Public's Health


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